Egyptian perfume

The art of Aromatherapy and Perfumery goes back to the days of Ancient Egypt. The potent Sun of Egypt nurturing Strong Scented Flowers and Herbs / Spices delightfully blended to create Magical / Healing Aromatic mixes and Perfumes used in the Ancient Temples.
Our Egyptian perfume oils are intoxicating scents for both men and women. No alcohol is used in the natural perfume oils, meaning the essence maintains its strong potency and the essence & aroma of a little drop lasts for hours.
The ordinary perfumes with the fillers will have a shelf life of 6 to 18 months, while the perfume oils retain their fragrance for years.

You can dilute the concentrated perfume oil by dissolving in alcohol or Parfumfixateur and distilled water, these are widely available in drugstores and on the Internet. Then you can enjoy longer
this way your parfumoli

Hereunder you have examples of dissolving and diluting oil;

EAU DE TOILET: (5 ml oil + 80 ml alcohol + 15 ml distilled water).
LOTION : (10ml oil in 70 ml alcohol + 20 ml distilled water).
PERFUME : (20ml oil 60ml alcohol + 20 ml distilled water).

1001 Nights 1001 Nights

Parfume oil 1000 Nights is a typical oriental, spicy and woody fragrance (for men and women)

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Achnaton Perfume Achnaton Perfume

Achnaton perfume oil is Ancient warm classic woudy fragrance (for Men)

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Amber parfum Amber parfum
€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Amun-Ra Perfume Amun-Ra Perfume

Amun-Ra perfume oil is the smell of strenght and power (for men)

€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Bastet perfume Bastet perfume

A lovely feminine perfume (women)

€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Christmas Night Parfum Christmas Night Parfum
€4,75 Buy NowBekijk nu
Cleopatra Parfum Cleopatra Parfum

Luxurious, sweet and sensual fragrance with oriental and floral elements (women)

€4,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Cool Blue Nile perfume Cool Blue Nile perfume

Cool Blue Nile Perfume Oil is very unique blend (men and women)

€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Egyptian night parfum Egyptian night parfum

Perfume oil Egyptian Night is a young, seductive fragrance (women)

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Egyptian red musk Egyptian red musk
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Egyptian violet parfum Egyptian violet parfum
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Egyptische witte musk Egyptische witte musk

 Plant-Based Aphrodisiac Arabian Attar Oil

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Gardenia parfum Gardenia parfum
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Habibi perfume Habibi perfume

Perfume for the exciting and beautiful moments of love and passion (women)

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Hathor perfume Hathor perfume

A sensual and Oriental floral perfume (women)

€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Hatshepsut Parfum Hatshepsut Parfum

Luxurious and floral fragrance for modern women

€4,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Horus Perfume Horus Perfume

Horus perfume oil is the smell of masculinity (For men)

€5,95 Buy NowBekijk nu
Isis Parfum Isis Parfum

Isis perfume oil is a romantic, feminine fragrance (women)

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Jasmijn parfum Jasmijn parfum
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Lavendel perfume Lavendel perfume
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